When it comes to building or remodeling projects, drywall installation is a common task. While it may seem simple, common mistakes can lead to unsightly results and even structural issues. To ensure a successful drywall installation, it is important to be aware of these errors and know how to avoid them. 

In this article, we will discuss five typical drywall installation mistakes and provide advice on how to prevent them.

1. Poor Measuring and Cutting

One of the most common errors in drywall installation is inaccurate measuring and cutting. Incorrect measurements and imprecise cutting can result in misaligned pieces, gaps, and uneven seams. To avoid this, take precise measurements of the wall or ceiling, considering obstructions like outlets or windows. Use a straightedge and a utility knife to make clean and precise cuts, scoring the drywall and snapping it along the scored line.

2. Inadequate Stud Placement 

Improper stud placement is another common mistake that compromises the durability and longevity of the drywall. The studs provide the structure for attaching the drywall, preventing sagging or bowing. Ensure that the studs are placed 16 inches apart and securely connected to the framing. Use a stud finder to locate the studs before attaching the drywall.

3. Inadequate Screw or Nail Application

Insufficient screw or nail application can cause the drywall to become loose or bulge, resulting in an uneven surface. It is crucial to use the appropriate type and number of fasteners based on the size and thickness of the drywall. Place screws or nails every 16 to 24 inches in the field and every 12 to 16 inches along the edges. Avoid overtightening the screws or nails to prevent damage to the drywall.

4. Neglecting to Properly Tape and Mud Seams

Properly taping and mudding the seams between drywall sheets is essential to achieve a seamless and smooth surface. This step is often overlooked or performed poorly, leading to visible seams and cracks. Apply joint compound along the seams, press the drywall tape into place, and add additional coats while feathering the edges for a seamless transition. Sand between coats once each layer has dried to achieve a polished appearance.

5. Ignoring Proper Drywall Finishing Techniques

Proper drywall finishing is crucial for achieving a perfect and polished appearance. Ignoring correct finishing techniques can result in a textured, uneven, or rough surface. Take the time to sand the drywall after each application of joint compound, using a pole sander or sanding block. Start with coarse-grit paper and gradually work your way up to finer grits. This will leave the surface smooth and ready for priming and painting.


By being aware of these common drywall installation mistakes and using the proper techniques, you can avoid problems and achieve high-quality results. If you have any doubts or lack experience, it is recommended to seek professional help. Contact Canadian Performing Inc., the trusted drywall installer in Burlington, for expert drywall installation services. Let us give your walls or ceilings a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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