Summer is a great time to install drywall, and if you still need to get around to this task during this season, fall is also a great time. This project must be completed before it gets cold because cold weather increases the drying time for the materials used to finish drywall. 

The joint compound, in particular, should not be used at temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius; ideal temperatures for drywall installation are between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius. 

Your house needs maintenance, and just like all solid materials, drywall will expand and contract depending on the temperature. For this reason, it must be installed during specific seasons to prevent problems, and drywall ideally should be installed in temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius or higher.

Why get your drywall installed this summer or the fall?

You Need To Do It Before It Gets Cold!

Cold weather will impact the success of drywall installation, and the process will be more challenging and complex. Drying time will take much longer, and the materials will not work well when cold out. Simply put, you cannot complete this project when it is cold outside, as temperature plays a significant role in drywall installation.

The Process Is Faster, Safer And More Affordable

When the temperature is right, the drywall installation process is much faster because it requires less time and labour than plaster. This will reduce costs associated with installation, and your drywall will act as a sound buffer by helping minimize noise. 

The Results Will Elevate The Appearance Of Your Home

Drywall is used to create walls and ceilings but can also be used to create accent features like eaves, arches and other architectural components. When done during the right season, drywall is quick and easy to install, and the results will be durable. You will love your home’s changes and receive many compliments because of your elevated décor and freshly renovated home.

Your Home Will Be Ready For The Holidays!

You will enjoy a dry and warm Christmas indoors because your new drywall will be in place by the time winter sets in. You can celebrate with your family and friends, and even after Christmas is over, you will enjoy your beautiful new walls all winter long. 


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