Older homes are unique and full of character and do not resemble the cookie-cutter homes we see today. People who live in older homes often have a hard time with renovations because it can be challenging to update a home without stripping it of its character. You will have to find a renovation company who understands the value of older homes and the thing that makes them most special; their character. 

How to Renovate an Old House Without Losing Its Character

There are ways to honour a home’s period details while incorporating modern updates, and a home renovation can be successful if you work with the right team in Burlington. You don’t have to settle for the same carbon-copy features and builder-grade finishes everyone else has because it is possible to modernize a home without losing the historical touches that make it unique. 

Preserve Period Details

Reputable home renovation contractors will start by assessing the era, style and feel of the house to determine which elements can stay. You can choose to preserve several elements or just one. Both results can be successful if you consider the time period when it was originally built and make changes that reflect that architectural style. 

Period details will help you preserve the look and spirit of the house, and in addition to historical context, these details will also provide the home with charm. Home renovation contractors will help you determine what is worth preserving based on the condition of the elements and will look at doors, moulding, hardware and floors and will save what they can. These details really capture the artistry and craftsmanship of an era, and these elements are a lot more durable and of higher quality than what you can expect from materials purchased today. 

Investigate the Home Carefully

A little bit of detective work may be necessary, and you can partner with a professional home renovation contractor for this step. They will help you determine which elements are original and which ones have been added over the years. If a feature is the product of a later renovation, it will be easier to part with. 

You may be pleasantly surprised to find many original features intact, and if you find a few elements that are the result of a recent renovation, the contractor can make the necessary changes and provide the space with a modern edge that will fit in nicely with the original character of the home. An experienced contractor will unify the different parts of a home and will keep the original elements if they can as a nod to the history of the home. 

Focus on the Kitchen

A kitchen must reflect the rest of the house, and this space should not feel shocking. A brand-new modern kitchen would look odd in a historic home, and you need to make sure the results are not jarring. Modern cabinetry can be too stark, but you can downplay the cabinets by exposing the home’s original joints if that is a possibility. A contractor can open up the ceiling to uncover wood beams which can bring warmth to the space and maintain the character of an older home. 

Older kitchens can be tricky to work with because it can be challenging to honour the home’s original footprint if you want to tear down a wall to increase square footage. Renovators and homeowners will struggle between character preservation and better functionality because old-fashioned layouts may not work for today’s homeowners and are not always practical for modern living. It may be possible to widen openings without eliminating them completely, and employing two-sided glass cabinets can also help make a space feel lighter. 

If you absolutely must gut the existing kitchen, the renovator will use a colour and material pallet that is appropriate to the rest of the house. 

Incorporate Your Personal Taste & Style

While the interior architecture should take its cues from the period of the house, the decorative elements should reflect the homeowner’s personal taste and style. This is especially true with elements that do not require too much commitment, like furniture, rugs and lighting. You can experiment with these items and have fun playing with textures and patterns to create a space that is your own. 

Participate in the Renovation Process

Homeowners should be involved in every step of the renovation process because your personality should shine at the end of this project. Homeowners should actively participate in this project because it’s your home, and it must reflect your interests. Professional home renovation contractors will discuss your ideas and will provide you with professional recommendations regarding your vision and how it can come to life. 

Collaborate with the renovator to achieve the results you want, and hire a company that listens to their clients. A reputable home renovation contractor will take your ideas and modify them into elements that are realistic. They will include you in the process and create a strong partnership, and will never make you feel as though your ideas don’t matter. Your voice must be heard through the renovation process, and the renovator will discuss how your ideas can be incorporated in such a way that it preserves the character of the home. They may provide you with advice and will make sure you are happy every step of the way.


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