If you’re interested in a home renovation project, you must follow all the steps, and permits may sometimes be required. Most homeowners need to know when to obtain a permit, and completing a home renovation without the proper paperwork can lead to severe consequences. You need to have all of the information before you start renovating your home, and this guide will tell you when a permit is required:

What is a building permit?

This formal document from the city authorizes you to start construction, demolition or renovation on your property. Such projects must meet specific objectives like health, fire protection, accessibility and other standards listed in the building code. Permit applications are available at your local building department within your municipality, and you can even print forms online. Once the application is filled, you must submit the form to your municipality’s permit office, after which it will be reviewed and issued if it complies with all applicable laws and building requirements.

What kinds of home improvement projects need permits?

If changes are being made to the structure or system of your home, a permit will be required. This can include renovations, repairs or additions to an existing building, construction of a new building over ten square meters, second or third-story additions and the addition of a sunroom or garage.  The construction of porches and decks may also require permits, as will the finishing of basements, structural or material alterations, or the structure of basement entrances. Adding new windows or doors where there were none before, structural alterations and installing or modifying heating or plumbing systems will also need permits. Most homeowners will need to gain the background and experience with the intricacies of home renovation projects. Concerning permits and other considerations, discussing the project with your contractor would be best. They will know what steps to take and will make sure renovations proceed according to plan. They will make sure all necessary permits are acquired before renovations begin and will know exactly which kinds of projects require permits.

What kinds of projects don’t require a permit?

Painting, re-roofing, flooring installation, cabinet installation and replacing windows and doors with existing openings are examples of projects that do not require a permit. 

Why are permits necessary?

This document is necessary for safety purposes. It will ensure your project is not harmful to your safety or that of any individuals on or near your property. If you don’t have a permit for a project that requires one, you will be charged a fine, and your renovation process will have to stop until you obtain a permit. You can also be asked to redo the project at your own expense if hazards are discovered, and you may be told to stop the new structure completely, depending on the situation. 


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